Thank you for contacting me.I'm waiting for the arrival of my baggage.Best regards.
A guest of Hilton Hawaiian Village - 12/7/2022

I would like to thank everyone that was associated in finding and retrieving my granddaughter’s cell phone from the cheetah hunt ride. The phone was lost on the ride Sunday night at 8:40pm, we got off the ride and filed the report with the ride employees. Since they couldn’t do any until the park closed, we left and headed home on for the east coast of Florida . The staff at the lost and found department called us the next day around 3:00pm saying that they had retrieved her phone and asked how they could get it back to use. I was greatly amazed at the speed and professional manner in which this was handled. As a very grateful grandfather, I thank everyone involved for getting my granddaughters phone back to her. Once again thanks to all the staff at Busch Gardens Tampa !!!!! You guys rock !!!!
-Doug S.
A guest of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay - 12/5/2022

This was our 2nd stay at your hotel and was a outstanding experience. Thank you for handling everything so promptly.
-Randy S.
A guest of Hilton Los Angeles Universal City - 12/5/2022

Thank you so much for returning my phone.It must have dropped out of my bag on the plane.Thank youPatty
-Patty M.
A passenger of United Airlines - 12/4/2022

Thank you so much for finding my wallet!! Darren C.
-darren C.
A passenger of American Airlines - 12/3/2022

Absolutely spectacular service!! 10 out of 10! Highly recommended!
-David M.
A passenger of American Airlines - 12/3/2022

Made getting my lost item returned easy as can be.
-susan S.
A guest of Omni Bedford Springs Resort - 12/3/2022

Thank you for finding and shipping my iitem. Your service is a lifesaver!
-Diana L.
A passenger of American Airlines - 12/3/2022

A passenger of United Airlines - 12/2/2022

Ken and John were wonderful and professional.Helped resolve the shipping of my lost item immediately.Fabulous representatives for the Wynn Hotel.
-ileana T.
A guest of Wynn Las Vegas - 12/2/2022

Fabulous thank you hugely
-mark S.
A passenger of United Airlines - 12/1/2022

Thank you for finding my dad's missing items! He was thrilled to get them back and to not have to pay $300 for a replacement charger for his hearing aids. We appreciate the job well done!
-Jennifer Sasaki B.
A passenger of Air Canada - 12/1/2022

Thank you! My wife’s toilet kit arrived at our friends house. We appreciate your help.
-Alan T.
A guest of Hilton Oakland Airport  - 12/1/2022

Thank you for the prompt return of my computer.It was such a wonderful thing to have it returned to me.You are great!
-Bettina B.
A passenger of United Airlines - 12/1/2022

Thank you so much for your help. I'm so glad I didn't get my identity stolen.
-Jacob C.
A passenger of American Airlines - 12/1/2022

Thankyou so much great service and help
-valeria B.
A passenger of JFK Terminal 4 Lost and Found by Smarte Carte Inc. - 11/30/2022

Can’t thank you enough for finding my wallet and it’s contents. I appreciate your honesty . I also appreciate you contacting me.
-Jerome Y.
A passenger of American Airlines - 11/30/2022

So impressed that you followed up on this and that the Kindle will be returned!!
-Kathleen D.
A passenger of Air Canada - 11/29/2022

Unfortunately You did not find my phone!!!! But THANKS to Mike and Brian at JFK Terminal 8, who personally contacted me, I now have my phone back!!!!
-Rebecca M.
A passenger of American Airlines - 11/29/2022

I want to thank you for your EXCELANT Service in finding my lost item. Your the best.I love to fly United AirlinesThank you again and Happy HolidaysLeoKeefer
-leo K.
A passenger of United Airlines - 11/29/2022

Thank you so much for returning my kindle. I did not expect to ever see it again! Wish I could thank the person who turned it in to Lost and Found but I’m sure that would be hard to do. I received it today and am reading it right now! Thank you again!!
-Wendelyn F.
A passenger of United Airlines - 11/29/2022

Thanks for the prompt return of our lost item!Also a thank you to the Venetian Hotel.
-Susan B.
A guest of Venetian Resort and Expo Lost and Found - 11/28/2022

Thank you for searching for my tablet, which I had left on a flight from Chicago to Boston last week. Not only did your staff find it, they arranged for shipping back to me the very next day. In this day and age, when good customer service can be hard to find, your staff's efforts really stood out. Thank you - I truly appreciated it!!
-Noel G.
A passenger of American Airlines - 11/28/2022

Thank you American Airlines for finding and returning my laptop. Amazing job!
-Tomasz P.
A passenger of American Airlines - 11/28/2022

Thank everybody involved.
-Lynette H.
A passenger of United Airlines - 11/25/2022

Thank you for this service.
-Lynette H.
A passenger of United Airlines - 11/25/2022

The item was found and delivered safe to my home.Thanks
-Irma I.
A passenger of Royal Caribbean International - 11/25/2022

Thank you for retrieving my item. I am waiting for it’s safe return.
-Toni M.
A passenger of United Airlines - 11/25/2022

They were very helpful and found my keys
-Stacie H.
A passenger of United Airlines - 11/23/2022

I want to say thanks to the folks that helped me. The lady in lost and found was very nice and caring. Last night a gentleman named Hunter T. went way out of his way and even searched the gate area to try to find my wallet. Thanks to all! Happy Thanksgiving!
-Dave L.
A passenger of American Airlines - 11/23/2022

Thank you very much! Great service and result.
A passenger of American Airlines - 11/21/2022

Got it!! Many, many thanks!!
-Donald B.
A passenger of United Airlines - 11/21/2022

Great service - very efficient, renewed my faith in finding lost articles on airlines !
-Ian F.
A passenger of United Airlines - 11/21/2022

Thank you to Myra! She went above and beyond to get my belongings back to me. She rocks!!
-andrea G.
A guest of Harrahs Las Vegas - 11/20/2022

Excellent service when contacting me and helping me to have back my lost item. Thank you very much! Keep on with the honesty and great work!
-Fernanda Bayo R.
A passenger of Air Canada - 11/19/2022

Thanks for a great information all though the times my packages were found and shipped thanks for your professionalism thanks to Royal Caribbean Great job thanks a million
-Doric B.
A passenger of Royal Caribbean International - 11/19/2022

My sincere appreciation and thank you to everyone who helped to return my blue bank deposit bag! Security helped locate my bag when I called in that I had left it locked in my room safe when I left, lost and found contacted me by phone to help me get through the process of mailing the bag to me. It arrived today safe and sound 1 day early. My thanks again to the fine people who work at Harrah's Laughlin!
-Robert K.
A guest of Harrahs Laughlin - 11/19/2022

Thank you very much!
-john d S.
A passenger of United Airlines - 11/18/2022

I can not say enough about how impressed I am about the kindness and caring of the Air Canada staff in relation tou lost laptop. Émeu one I talked to was attentive, heard everything, were empathetic and led me to believe there was a chance they would locate my laptop! And they did!!!! Thanks a million times!
-Karen K.
A passenger of Air Canada - 11/18/2022

Diane was great helpAs was Remy Francisco from beaches
-Kevin D.
A passenger of Southwest Florida International Airport - 11/17/2022

Yay! I am so happy my lost item has been found and being returned to me. thank you!
-helen P.
A passenger of American Airlines - 11/16/2022

I am so very appreciative of how this was handled. I've always been loyal to American Airlines and it was such a pleasure to hear I would be able to get my laptop back with very little hassle. Thank you American Airlines!!! I will absolutely continue to fly with you going forward!!
-Karen D.
A passenger of American Airlines - 11/16/2022

My wife is so pleased that you found her AirPods! We cannot thank you enough! It reaffirmed our belief and loyalty to AA and in a positive outlook. We get so much negative news these days about people being unkind to each other. Your act of kindness was so uplifting and refreshing. Thank you! You really made our day! Thank you!
-Sidney K.
A passenger of American Airlines - 11/15/2022

Thank you Louis Armstrong staff (Mr. Jonas ) found my phone and return to lost and found. The staff is extremely responsive, and I got my phone back next day air. Thank you so much for your integrity.
-Thao V.
A passenger of Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport - 11/15/2022

The representative in lost and found at JFK who just helped me was incredibly helpful. I can't tell you how relieved I am to have been able to talk to a real person who stayed on the phone with me until my daughter's lost laptop was in his hand, through the shipping forms and shipping payment, until the end of the whole transaction. He was patient, helpful, and so nice. Thank you!
-Laura S.
A passenger of American Airlines - 11/15/2022

I am so thankful and Impressed by your process. At a time when bots and service levels go down this is an incredibly heart warming symbol that you have processes that work and people who care. Thank you.
-Eric E.
A passenger of American Airlines - 11/14/2022

Thank you!
-Lori H.
A passenger of United Airlines - 11/14/2022

Greatful to Andrew for taking control of this situation and getting my clothes headed back to me. He was most helpful. Mike
-Mike D.
A guest of Omni Mount Washington Resort/Bretton Woods Ski Area - 11/14/2022

Wonderful service at the Lost and Found Department
-Beatrice B.
A passenger of Allegiant Travel - 11/13/2022

I never expected that I would get my iPad back that was left in a bin going through security!! I am shocked to have had my call answered and for so quickly getting the link to report my item missing . On top of that the response the same day that it was there. Already shipped! Thsnkx so much to the security person working in terminal 4 on 11/8 at 7:30 in the morning for picking it up and turning it in
-Pamela R.
A passenger of JFK Terminal 4 Lost and Found by Smarte Carte Inc. - 11/11/2022

Awesome customer service - from 3 different employees!
-Karla C.
A passenger of Amtrak - 11/11/2022

Wow what amazing customer service and just plain good business. I my passport fell out or my pocket as I was running to make my next flight. Filed a report with not a ton of hope really that my passport would be found bc its such a big airport! They found my passport and are going to send it to me!!! Amazing DFW! BIG love
-alexander h M.
A passenger of American Airlines - 11/11/2022

Thank you for the superb service. All the best.
-John A.
A passenger of United Airlines - 11/11/2022

I want to thank Tracey and Andrea in the Lost and Found Office in Union Station. They were instrumental in getting my iPad back to me and I'm deeply grateful.
A passenger of Amtrak - 11/10/2022

Thank you Celebrity!!!
-Ellen B.
A passenger of Celebrity Cruises - 11/10/2022

Thank you very much!
A customer of Dollar Car Rental Seattle - WA - 11/10/2022

Wonderful job. Very efficient. Thank you. Joy Noven
-Joy N.
A passenger of United Airlines - 11/10/2022

Quick, easy to use, received lost item so fast! Much appreciated!
-Tara P.
A guest of Renaissance Hotel St Augustine - 11/9/2022

Thank you
-Jason B.
A passenger of American Airlines - 11/9/2022

Thank you very much for the prompt recovery and delivery of my iPad! Greatly appreciated :)
-Robert J. S.
A passenger of United Airlines - 11/9/2022

He was very professional and helpful.
-George M.
A passenger of American Airlines - 11/8/2022

Thank you for finding and returning the jacket I left on the plane. I appreciate it.
-Vickie W.
A passenger of United Airlines - 11/8/2022

The team of American Airlines' personnel / staff was extremely helpful in retrieving my left behind laptop. As a hospital employee, losing a laptop that may compromise Patient Health Information (PHI) is a serious thing. Ryan Kohler and his team at the American Lounge treat everyone personally and professionally. I appreciate the fast response in retrieving my laptop. I love American Airline!
-Robert Joseph I.
A passenger of American Airlines - 11/8/2022

A guest of Venetian Resort and Expo Lost and Found - 11/7/2022

I am so grateful to receive my laptop. thank you for your excellent response and service.
-Bonnie Y.
A passenger of United Airlines - 11/7/2022

I am so grateful that you located my iPad mini and kept me informed. Everyone is surprised at that level of service and response. Many thanks
-Les B.
A passenger of United Airlines - 11/7/2022

Thank you!! My iPad was found and sent back to me! I appreciate your looking into this and successfully returning it to me.
-Nancy A.
A passenger of American Airlines - 11/7/2022

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