My partner left an iPad on the plane and didn’t even realized it till 11 days later. We filled for a lost item report without much expectation. Who knew I will have my iPad FedEx three days later! It was an awesome! Thank you for those hard working agents behind the scene, to get get our stuff reunited back with some real forgetful people like us! Thank you so very much!
-Kimberly B.
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/24/2024

United airlines provide Excellent service ,thank you very much!
-Yogesh P.
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/24/2024

very nice service!
-Jimmy S.
A guest of Fontainebleau Las Vegas - 5/23/2024

The process went like clockwork. Lost my phone at ORD, and thought never to see it again. Still, I locked the phone remotely and left my home number. By the time I returned home, I had a message from American Airlines saying it had been turned in. I filled out the claim form and just a few days later I have my phone in hand. Great job on this recovery, and you have my thanks.
-Linda S.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/23/2024

Speaking with Yvonne was an absolute pleasure. She was courteous, friendly, and extremely professional. Her follow-up to me me was quick and helped me dispel any fear I had that my bag would not be returned. Thank you!
-Mark C.
A passenger of Royal Caribbean International - 5/23/2024

Thank you very much for your quick response.
-Satoshi U.
A guest of Venetian Resort and Expo Lost and Found - 5/23/2024

Both United representatives were amazingly helpful in tracking my lost bag & having it shipped home to me safely. Thank you & you are so appreciated :)
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/22/2024

Thank you so much for finding my Kindle and shipping it to me!! Such an efficient process.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/21/2024

I’m so pleased my item was found. It would be helpful if there was a phone number available so you could speak with someone, but I do really appreciate the service provided.
-Cheryl K.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/21/2024

so grateful that you found my racket and appreciate the quick follow up!! Thank YOU!!
-sherry P.
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/21/2024

Thank you so much for looking for my Kindle and finding it. Thank you for your service.
-Charles M.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/21/2024

Very good services. Thanks a lot!
-Beatrice L.
A guest of Eldorado Hotel Casino ATTN: SECURITY L&F - 5/21/2024

I just received my package thank you so much
-Priscilla S.
A guest of Beau Rivage Resort and Casino - 5/20/2024

I am amazed, thank you! I really appreciate you returning my wife’s iPad.
-Vinny M.
A guest of Caesars Palace Las Vegas - 5/20/2024

I appreciate your very efficient system for returning my lost items. Thank you. Dave Tagge
-Dave T.
A guest of South Point Casino - 5/20/2024

AA is the BEST! Somehow they found my IPAD. Not sure if I left it at the gate in Miami or on the plane. I filed a report and they kept me informed all week, Then they found it and are sending to me FedX. Great customer service!!!! Thank you so much. This is the only item I’ve ever lost so I’m most appreciative.
-Dottie L.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/20/2024

I just wanted to thank you for the great service you provided in finding and returning the headset I forgot in the plane. It actually got home in Switzerland before I did. Great service, thanks a lot
-Cedric N.
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/20/2024

Thank you so much for expediting this!!
-Michelle Freeman A.
A passenger of Royal Caribbean International - 5/20/2024

I received my IPad today and I have to say how impressed I am with your recover efforts to get it back to me. I want to thank you so much for getting it back so fast, I use my iPad everyday and was not looking forward to purchasing another one since they are so expensive so THANK YOU SO MUCH!
-Dorothy S.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/20/2024

Excellent process for returning lost items. Thank you for your efficiency.
-DS W.
A guest of Hampton Inn & Suites Bellevue Downtown-Seattle - 5/19/2024

Compliments the excellent service of Hilton Boston Logan Airport!
-Adele B.
A guest of Hilton Boston Logan Airport - 5/19/2024

I cannot thank you enough for your quick response and for getting my credit card back to me. You have renewed my faith in people and I will be sure to recommend your fine establishment to my friends and acquaintances. Thank you again!!!
-Nancy J G.
A guest of South Point Casino - 5/19/2024

Thank you for responding so quickly
-Priscilla S.
A guest of Beau Rivage Resort and Casino - 5/18/2024

Thank you for finding my lost item. I wasn't very optimistic that it would be located but you did it!
-Linda L.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/18/2024

We are extremely happy that your staff found our missing items. Thank you sooooo much.
-Elaine E.
A guest of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay - 5/18/2024

THANKYOU! I was sure my camera was gone forever. I’m so grateful that someone turned it in and you shipped it to my home! Traveling can be so hectic and it turns out easier to lose something in the process. THANKS AGAIN !
-Barbara M.
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/17/2024

thanks for your service
-nency G.
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/17/2024

Fantastic response time!!!! Thank you so much for finding my wallet and getting back to me within 30 minutes of submitting my L&F request. Thanks again!!
-Rachel M.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/17/2024

All went well. Thank you for helping me recoup my electronics pouch.
-Beronica O.
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/17/2024

Wow! How did you ever find my "tiny" Sonos player with all the traffic you contend with every single day. This is just another reason why my family always travels Alaska Airlines. Thank you, thank you!
-Rick F.
A passenger of Alaska Airlines - 5/17/2024

I want to personally thank Enrique Hernandez I lost an article on my recent stay, he went to the room, found it and started the process to return. First class THANKS!!
-Debra N.
A guest of Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina - 5/17/2024

Amazing service - so appreciative of the communication and results!
-Phil D.
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/17/2024

Thank you! thank you! Thank you!
-Pamela W.
A passenger of Amtrak - 5/17/2024

I can’t tell you how happy I am that you found my iPad and I congratulate you on your diligence in making this happen I am forever grateful thank you so very much
-Dottie S.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/17/2024

Thank you so much for finding my Kindle. I did not put in a lost and found request because I just figured it was gone! thanks so much!!
-Clayton M.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/16/2024

Thanks a lot for thee swift response and smooth procedure to identify and return my laptop. I am very much happy to get back my laptop so hazzle free.
-Pratik B.
A passenger of Aéroport de Montréal-Trudeau - Opsis services aéroportuaires - 5/14/2024

American Airlines is the greatest Airline in the entire world I am so grateful to be a part of the aa family . I will shout it all over the world Thank you so much
-Frances A.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/14/2024

The package arrived. Thank you so much for all the effort on your part to get my mom’s bracelet back! You’re great!
-Virginia N.
A guest of Grand Canyon National Park Lodges - 5/14/2024

Just to say, I was blown away by the recovery of my iphone through your lost and found services. The process wasn't easy, but it actually worked! Given all the cynicism about airline service, I have to say thank yoj, great job.
-James J. C.
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/14/2024

Awesome job! Thanks for getting this back quickly.
-Karrie F.
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/13/2024

Michael at Amtrak Lost and Found in Albany, NY gave me friendly and great service to get my backpack returned to me. Likewise the conductor of train 48 out of Rochester to NYC on May 07 facilitated getting my backpack returned to Albany after I had left it on the part of the train that went to Boston from Albany. Thank you all including the man that ran the food car on that train and found my backpack. There were 6 of us together on that trip to NYC from Rochester and we had a great time taking the train for the first time ( for most of us.) Thanks again to all.
-Bob S.
A passenger of Amtrak - 5/13/2024

I received my bracelet. Thank you.
-Stella S.
A guest of Omni Los Angeles Hotel - 5/13/2024

Excellent service. Received our lost mobile phone before the said time and before our flight back to the UK. Thank you
-Ivy L.
A guest of Polynesian Cultural Center - 5/12/2024

Very efficient, thks
-Claude R.
A passenger of Air Canada - 5/12/2024

Thank you very much! Though it was lost forever will be very happy to have it back
-Kim D.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/11/2024

Was great and speedy with helping finding lost property I was well appreciative of this.Mahalo!
-Tashima O.
A guest of Hilton Hawaiian Village - 5/11/2024

Very thankful for returning our left behind item! I appreciated the phone call from your representative as I didn't see the first email about my inquiry!!! Thank you!
-Debra W.
A guest of The Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel - 5/11/2024

Thank you for your quick response.. Good job!
-Kenneth M.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/10/2024

I was afraid my iPad was stolen after I accidentally left it on an international flight. I tracked it (Find My) going to Miami then Brazil. But AA found it!!! Really appreciate the effort.
-James E (Ned) N.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/10/2024

Thanks for having my phone and shipping it back to me. I lost it on a plane while leaving the country. i was out of contact possibilities for almost three weeks (hard to believe, I know). When returning to the states I was able to check my email and got your messages that you had my phone. Thanks! Richard
-Richard E.
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/10/2024

Thank you so much for locating my lost item and sending it back very promptly. Your customer service is much appreciated
A guest of Residence Inn Oklahoma City Bricktown - 5/9/2024

Thank You Much for the return
-Thomas C.
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/9/2024

Thank you so much for finding my fitted custom suit I left behind on my flight. You are life savers!
-Samuel R T.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/9/2024

Thank You, very much for following through, keeping me informed - and finding my Kindle so it could be sent back to me. It arrived today in perfect condition. Again, thank you for putting time and attention on this matter. I am very impressed.
-Lynn R.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/9/2024

Thanks so much. Your Lost & Found app was easy to use, your email+text alerts were helpful, and your FedEx shipment item return process for my forgotten iPad that WestJet found was quick & easy and reasonably priced. Wow! Very well done. Thanks.
-Jamie M.
A passenger of WestJet - 5/8/2024

Thank you guys for finding my wallet . I have had this for 20 years and it was a gift from my brother in law . Well done and thanks again
-Craig D.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/8/2024

I am so very grateful for recovering my 65 year old ring. It was a very special gift from my mom and dad. Thank you so very much.
-Vincent B.
A passenger of Amtrak - 5/8/2024

I am so grateful for your “lost and found” service. My ring has 65 years of sentimental value from my parent’s 8th grade graduation gift. Thank you so very much!
-Vincent B.
A passenger of Amtrak - 5/8/2024

Thankyou very much for your commitment to search for my ring. I was so happy to receive yesterday’s note that my 65 year old ring has been found.
-Vincent B.
A passenger of Amtrak - 5/8/2024

Thank you so much for contacting me with my lost wallet. I really do appreciate it.
-Marie S.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/7/2024

Andre provided exceptional service! This was a difficult case and he came through. Andre was professional, courteous and didn't give up looking for my list items.
-Laura Bower A.
A passenger of Sacramento International Airport - 5/6/2024

Thank you, thank you! I am thrilled to hear my iPad is on its way back to me!!
-Karen L.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/6/2024

Thank you sooo much. Everyone along the way was professional and sincerely tried to help…thank you!!!
-Steve M.
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/6/2024

Looking forward to receiving my package.
-Barbara C.
A passenger of Amtrak - 5/6/2024

Jerry was a great help in finding a lost cable and getting me through the process of return. I can't thank him enough.
-Judith A A.
A guest of The Hoxton - Downtown LA - 5/6/2024

Maria in the baggage department for United Airlines at the Reno airport was SOOO AMAZING and sooo helpful and so kind. She was efficient and helpful and very compassionate for my missing item. So so grateful for her and her help. Thank you again, Maria !!! Hannah G/P
-Hannah P.
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/4/2024

I have received the jacket. THANKS GOOD WORK! JTT
-James T.
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/4/2024

I am pleased with the timely response and result . My missing luggage was found and returned to me . Thank you so very much.
-Allan B.
A passenger of Royal Caribbean International - 5/3/2024

Great response, great service. Fast and seamless. Thank you for your help. We really appreciate it.
-Rodney J.
A guest of The Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa - 5/3/2024

Package received today. Thanks so much!
-April K.
A guest of Marriott Vacation Club Kalanipuu - 5/3/2024

You all have been such a pleasure in assisting me in finding my iPad. Communication was great by email and keeping me up-to-date with all the updates. Thank you for your help. Great job.
-Robin D.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/2/2024

I am delighted to inform you that I have received my iPad. I am extremely grateful for the efficiency and speed of your team's service. Your trustworthiness and the commendable work at Denver Airport are greatly appreciated. Thank you for making this experience a positive one. Best regards,
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/2/2024

Items was recovered within 5 minutes 10 out of 10
-Tieara P.
A guest of Westgate Myrtle Beach Oceanfront - 5/2/2024

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the diligence in locating my jacket. I would like to thank Stacy in her assistance in expediting the return of my jacket. Thank you. Sincerely, Kathleen P.
-Kathleen P.
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/2/2024

Thank you so much for recovering my kindle, well done for both great communication and customer.
-Valda B.
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/2/2024

We left Silver Legacy on Tuesday and it was delivered Monday.. it is nice to know the employees at Silver legacy are honest. Rochelle, cleaning person kept the phone in her pocket until someone called for the missing phone. Then turned it in to security. At which point we made contact with security to request the return of the phone. Thank you!
-Dennis C.
A guest of Silver Legacy Resort Casino ATTN:SECURITY L&F - 5/1/2024

Thank you for the quick response and finding the dental devise. It is really appreciated.
-Andy B.
A guest of Hotel FERA a Doubletree by Hilton  - 5/1/2024

I LOVE AA! I left my wallet with cards and ID in then!! The WORST feeling. AA communicated with me along the process…And they didn’t give up looking! It was found within 24 hours of reporting it missing. Thank you!!
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/1/2024

Really appreciate your due diligence.
-Santosh S.
A guest of Vail Resorts - Seven Springs Mountain Resort - 5/1/2024

Estoy super agradecida pude recuperar mi bolso donde tenía todos mis documentos muchas gracias y felicidades por su buena labor de verdad nunca pensé en recuperar mis cosas fue súper rápido y súper agradecida Dios los bendiga
-Greymar C.
A passenger of Amtrak - 5/1/2024

Thank you so much. You guys are the best.
-Zheng Hao S.
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/1/2024

Nice to know Your Service was Great...! & the Expectation Delivery Time was Right on Time..! Thanks for Being There for Us
-Vana H.
A passenger of Charlotte Douglas International Airport - 4/30/2024

I want to thank American Airlines lost and found personnel for your prompt response. I am delighted to be reunited with my phone. Thank you very much.
-John W B.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/30/2024

I was extremely satisfied with the process and handling of the return of my purse with all of its contents. So happy to have it returned to me.
-Elaine M.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/30/2024

Amazingly fast response! I can't believe I was able to get my items back! I will always fly American, military orders or not.
-Mary Y.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/30/2024

I am amazed and happy to get my coat back. I never thought it would happen. Thank you!
-Donna R.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/30/2024

AWESOME! Thank you so much for returning my prescription sunglasses...Y'all ROCK!
-Mark D C.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/30/2024

I'm so very glad about the honesty of your employees!! your lost and found system is to be admired and should be in place in every firm. Congratulations for a job well done from the housekeepers who turned in my passport to the right people all the way to Nadine who is in charge of the Lost and Found at Marriott's Shadow Ridge and the"The Chargeback Lost and Found Solution " which was used to bring our valuables back to the rightful owner.
-maria M.
A guest of Marriott's Shadow Ridge - 4/29/2024

Thank you so very much! I didn’t have another 1k to spend on another IPAD and thought it was a lost cause
-Kimberly L J.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/29/2024

Just wanted to thank you SO much for locating my ipad and getting it back to me! I really appreciate it. I’d bought another one, but I like this one so much better and will pass the new one on to my daughter or grandchildren. Thank you again for keeping me up to date with the lost article and reuniting us! Very much appreciated. Thanks.
-Cheryl P C.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/29/2024

The payment process was smooth and very easy.
-Laura W.
A guest of Massanutten Resort - 4/29/2024

Thank you 100000 times I received my watch today thank you thank you
-Doris P.
A passenger of Royal Caribbean International - 4/29/2024

great service. helped me on a friday afternoon quickly and swiftly
-Chase N.
A guest of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Atlantic City - 4/29/2024

Excellent and fast service. Thank you.
-Rochelle C.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/29/2024

Fantastic job finding my Kindle. Easy process and quick execution. Thanks so much to the individuals who do this work.
-John G.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/29/2024

Thank you very much for sending me my found wallet. I could not believe that I had everything still intact. Email process and online process to reclaim the property was unbelievable.
-Dennis D.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/28/2024

Thank you Air Canada so very much! Greatly appreciate your time and effort!
-Darlene P.
A passenger of Air Canada - 4/28/2024

Very happy to hear you found my passport. Waiting patiently for it to arrive. Thank you.
-Maryw L L.
A passenger of Celebrity Cruises - 4/27/2024

I am sincerely grateful, Happy and glad you made the effort. United is on my grateful list!!!
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/26/2024

Omgosh, thank you and your staff members who were honest people and found my entire drawer left behind. I received today and I am beyond grateful to have everything back in my possession. Absolutely above and beyond for your staff members, please pass along my gratitude.
-Tami M.
A guest of Bellagio - 4/26/2024

Thank you! I had lost my phone in Usland of adventure and freaked out thinking I would never see it again. God bless the person who turned in my phone to guest service. I believe I'm saying her name correctly Tisha from guest services helped me out and was able to confirm over the phone that my phone was there with them. The whole process took only 4 days and I received it earlier than expected. Again, thank you all!
A guest of Universal Orlando Resort - 4/26/2024

Thank you so much for finding our lost item. Your prompt attention to this is issue is outstanding. Can’t thank you enough. Bruce Dart.
-Bruce D.
A passenger of Celebrity Cruises - 4/25/2024

Wow!I reported that I left my iPad on the plane Sunday night. I received a notice on Monday night that it was found and it arrived today. Thank you. I am sharing this great service with others.
-Patricia M.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/25/2024

The Hilton crew has been remarkable. Thank you sooooo much.
-LaJuana P.
A guest of Hilton Grand Vacations Parc Soleil - 4/25/2024

I’m am so utterly thankful as so many pieces had such sentimental value. Thank you for your effort and caring. I so appreciate it.
-Stephanie D.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/25/2024

I was very happy to receive a message that my kindle had been found. It was a very easy system to claim it and to have it shipped back to me. Thank you.
-Amy G.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/25/2024

Thank you so much for finding my lost item. The service from united was excellent. Alexis was clear and explained everything simple and quickly. Very happy item was returned to me
-Lilian H.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/25/2024

Thank you, I received my bag back and just wanted to send a huge thank you to the team for making it happen!
-Michael R.
A guest of Harrahs and Harveys Lake Tahoe - 4/25/2024

Thank you for your prompt contact in discovering my items and letting me know. Your service was outstanding.
-Pamela J W.
A passenger of Tampa International Airport  - 4/24/2024

Wow! There is no words to explain how thankful I am with the fast turnaround. I was able to recover my lost item in 48hrs. Great service!
-Darihant O.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/24/2024

You don't know how happy we were to receive the news. I will be visiting your scorecard.
-Ben H.
A passenger of Celebrity Cruises - 4/24/2024

Thank you SO much for making easy to get my precious items back! I am so pleased!!
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/24/2024

Thank you so much!! I submitted my claim on Sunday morning and so glad to see the notification that they had been found so quickly afterward.
-Lani H.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/24/2024

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