I received my wallet today. I appreciate the soeedy return.
-Karen I.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/20/2021

GOT IT BACK - TODAY - Thanks again.
-Eddie B.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/20/2021

A guest of Ocean Casino Resort - 4/20/2021

Your very effective last and found service is very much appreciated. It seems like it might be one of the best in the industry. But I have only had a couple other lost items on competitor airlines and that was a long time ago. In one case, I couldn't even make contact with their lost and found service.
-Joseph W.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/20/2021

I'm so thankful, for the integrity of your staff first for the conductor on train
-De'Borah D.
A passenger of Amtrak - 4/19/2021

I want to thank all of the people in your hotel security, lost and found as well as the front desk person Richard and the room attendant for finding, turning in and expediting the return of my laptop so quickly. Their cooperation and quick response made it possible to get it to me asap. Thanks to them and to Harrahs Laughlin for having excellent employees.
-Tom F.
A guest of Harrahs Laughlin - 4/18/2021

Thank you for getting my I pad. I haven’t received it yet but when I do I will definitely give you a thumbs up!! Also thank you for being so efficient about all of this. Lindsay Laughlin
-Lindsay L.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/18/2021

Thanks so much to everyone who heled with finding my lost item. I really do appreciate the time and effort in shipping back my item to me! I know it was my fault i lost it and i know you didn't have to help recover it .Thank you again .
-Jonathan M.
A guest of SeaWorld/Aquatica Orlando - 4/17/2021

Thank you very much. I had thought that I had just misplaced the item and that it would turn up eventually.Thank you again, what a great service!!
-Kevin H.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/16/2021

-Eddie B.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/16/2021

Ince we extablisjed contact that Item was found, the process through chargerback was easy to follow and item was returned one day ahead of the estimated date. Thank you.
-Glenda Y.
A guest of Seminole Hard Rock Tampa - 4/16/2021

The person is lost and found on 4/15/2021 at noon was the most compassionate, professional, and understanding person that I have encountered in a long time. She deserves a raise! She has represented the culture and the Mirage brand in the most excellent manner. Thanks a million.
-Veda B.
A guest of Mirage - 4/15/2021

I just received my keys back from Seaworld that I lost. Thank you very much! You did a fantastic job in a very short amount of time. I appreciate all your hard work. Thank you
-Barbara G.
A guest of SeaWorld/Aquatica Orlando - 4/15/2021

This has been a refreshingly easy and effective service and I am pleased to be receiving my article back.
-Arthur Paul W.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/15/2021

My phone was found and mailed back to me very quickly.
A guest of Universal Orlando Resort - 4/14/2021

First I want to say thank you for two of the smoothest flights/landings I ever had.And the way I was treated on the Flight was outstanding!Then you went and found my lost wallet in less than two days What can I say; You do it all American Air lines.Thanks So much Anthony H.
-Anthony H.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/14/2021

Great service. Thankyou
-Sheila S.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/14/2021

Very thankful our list item was found! From reporting the lost item to recovery, it was very easy and smooth. Thank you so much!
-Amber M.
A passenger of Hawaiian Airlines Account - 4/14/2021

Thank you so much for finding my items and acting on it so quickly. I can't tell you how much this truly means to me except to say that I expected this to go well given how much I have visited this hotel in the past and have always been pleased with the service. Again, Thank you!!
-Gail S.
A guest of Eldorado Hotel Casino ATTN: SECURITY L&F - 4/13/2021

I am so grateful and appreciative, for the efforts put forth in searching and locating my luggage, thank you so much. I realize it was a team effort of the lost and found department of United Airlines therefore it should not go un-noticed of the long hours and work that goes into locating lost items. I personally want to recognize and express my deepest appreciation, and gratitude for this department of United Airlines it is because of you and your co-workers, associates, of United that people like me enjoying flying with United. Again thank you.
-SirArthur E T.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/12/2021

Excellent service, thank you so much
-Dustin H.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/12/2021

That is customer service perfection! Before I realized I had lost my iPad, you contacted me, found my personal info from identifying my seat location and making the effort to get it back to me. Congratulations on superb customer service United will be my airline of choice
-Eva A.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/12/2021

What can I say? Your Lost and Found System/people are amazing!! You were right on it!! Thank you sooo very much
-Penny G.
A passenger of Jacksonville Aviation Authority - 4/11/2021

Many thanks for returning my Kindle.I knew I left it on the plane but wasn't sure which flight. Great service.
-Thomas B.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/10/2021

I am very grateful that people listened to the messages I left on the Lost and found voice mail so that I could get my phone back! Thank you!
-Diane A.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/10/2021

Your organization handled my lost items beautifully! Thanks so much, and I look forward to doing business with you again!!
-Steven D.
A customer of Dollar Car Rental Seattle - WA - 4/9/2021

Thank you! Very quick response
-Kiran S.
A guest of MGM Grand - 4/8/2021

This was a super easy way to get my item returned that I left in my hotel room!
-Alice S.
A guest of Hilton Garden Inn Arvada Denver - 4/8/2021

Thanks for returning my speaker so promptly.
-Bernie P.
A guest of Spinnaker Resorts Hilton Head - 4/8/2021

Your service and urgency in taking care of this is amazing!! Thank you so much
-Scott H.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/6/2021

My returned item arrived in yesterday's mail. Thank you so much! This whole process was painless and easy.
-Diane Gallagher W.
A guest of Lost and Found Venetian Palazzo Resort and Sands Expo - 4/6/2021

Thank you for your service Miami airport lost and found.You guys are doing great job in order to provide best customer service for those who have lost the items. I got my SLR camera back with your help. Thank you very much!!
-Laxman W.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/6/2021

I received all my belongings today. Thank you so much for exceeding my expectations. Christina Leger Room 420 2/15 through 3/25/21
A guest of Residence Inn Denver South - 4/6/2021

Thank you for the fantastic and very quick service. I am very impressed with your system and responsiveness...best, Jay H.
-Jay H.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/5/2021

EXCELLENT!!! I was thrilled to get my items back! It took 4 or 5 people until I got the right person who helped me it was worth it. You have a 10 star operation there! See you again soon! THANK YOU!!!
-Judith H.
A guest of Beau Rivage Resort and Casino - 4/5/2021

Great customer service on helping with lost credit card! Thank you!
A guest of Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas - 4/3/2021

Handled very quickly.
-RosaLee D.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/2/2021

I appreciate everything you all did and have submitted my positive comments to guest relations via email. Your swift actions on my behalf were great.
-Diane Gallagher W.
A guest of Lost and Found Venetian Palazzo Resort and Sands Expo - 4/2/2021

you were wonderful
-Toni Nash Y.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/2/2021

Wonderful, thank you so much for all your help. This is why I fly American
-Russell E.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/2/2021

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the amazing customer service when ever I spoke to someone on the phone. Even if the person I was talking to couldn’t help me, they always provided a phone number to someone who might have more information. It’s the small things, such as someone taking that extra minute to provide that information, means a lot. It was never anyone’s job or responsibility to find my purse, but everyone involved took the time to help when asked. Thank you!
-Ashley Van B.
A passenger of American Airlines - 3/30/2021

The person on the line was so very helpful. I couldn't have completed the form without her
-Celia D.
A passenger of American Airlines - 3/30/2021

I can't thank you enough the process was very smooth and the people I dealt with were very professional. thank you Mary Ellen K.
-Mary Ellen K.
A guest of Tropicana Atlantic City - 3/30/2021

Thank you so much I am glad for your great team work
-Clifford S.
A guest of Beau Rivage Resort and Casino - 3/30/2021

This is a wonderful service, I can't thank you enough. Wes
A guest of Marriott's Desert Springs Villas - 3/29/2021

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the return of my bracelets. They have sentimental value, as they were gifts. Blessings and I’ll pay it forward.
-Linda H.
A guest of Golden Nugget Las Vegas Security L&F - 3/29/2021

Many thanks to Big Cedar for recovering my wife's coat
-Larry W.
A guest of Big Cedar Lodge LLC - 3/28/2021

Thank you for forwarding the iPad to me so quickly!!
-Stephen B.
A passenger of American Airlines - 3/27/2021

Thank you very much for finding it!!!
-Darren C.
A passenger of Air Canada - 3/27/2021

Thank you for finding my shirt and sending it to me (shipping now in progress). I found the whole process informative, efficient, thorough, and easy to work with. Also, I worked with RICHARD on this, and he was very professional. THANK YOU RICHARD!
-Jim P.
A guest of Marriott's Grande Vista - 3/27/2021

Thank you for your prompt help and understanding. The gentleman I spoke with, I think his name is Mike was very kind. I received the ipads and am so relieved. Thank you,Dru van H.
-Dru van H.
A passenger of Tampa International Airport  - 3/26/2021

I'm very thankful for u guys the way u work with us again thank u all I just thank God for u workers there be safe and God bless u all and who ever brought my wallet back in is a honest person thank u
-Greida V.
A guest of Caesars Palace Las Vegas - 3/25/2021

I received my item that I left there back in a timely manner. Thanks to your staff and Steve in lost and found. Thank you very much
-Tracey P.
A guest of Harrahs Cherokee Resort - 3/24/2021

OH my goodness, I didn't expect to ever see my laptop again. THANK YOU for diligence and honesty and getting it back to me.... So very appreciated!
-Julianne J C.
A passenger of American Airlines - 3/24/2021

-Marcia Renee J.
A guest of Lost and Found Venetian Palazzo Resort and Sands Expo - 3/24/2021

Everything came in good order. Thank you for getting it to me. Great Service.!!!
-Phyllis F.
A guest of Bellagio - 3/24/2021

Thank you very much for your prompt attention Marlene S. P.
-Marlene St P.
A guest of Lost and Found Venetian Palazzo Resort and Sands Expo - 3/23/2021

Very cool system and security rep at Paradise resort was very informative about the system
A guest of Paradise Point Resort - 3/22/2021

Our jackets and our phone charger arrived at our home! Thanks so much!!
-DeLon J.
A guest of Grand Sierra Resort - 3/21/2021

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