WOW. I have never had faster and more efficient service in my life from an airline. American Airlines forever!!!!!!!
-Kathryn B.
A passenger of American Airlines - 7/15/2024

Very speedy response to my claim. Like the feature of posing a picture of the lost item.
-David M G.
A guest of Eldorado Hotel Casino ATTN: SECURITY L&F - 7/15/2024

this feels like a scam, since i had no choice and you basically kept MY stuff that TSA took without my approval or knowledge. horrible experience
A passenger of United Airlines - 7/15/2024

Thank you very much for finding my lost item. I very much appreciate the hard work and diligence from the WestJet team to locate my item and it’s in the process of being returned to me! Thanks again !!
-Brent D.
A passenger of WestJet - 7/15/2024

I am so happy that Alaska Airlines found our kindle. I thought it was totally lost, but with the diligence of Alaska Airlines staff they found it. That is no easy task. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
-susan V.
A passenger of Alaska Airlines - 7/15/2024

Chad at Omni ChampionsGate is incredible! He was quick to respond to my inquiry and was easily communicating with me and was able to quickly find my list items. Cannot thank him enough for his honesty and professionalism.
A guest of Omni Orlando Resort - 7/14/2024

Thank you
-Barbara K.
A passenger of American Airlines - 7/14/2024

Thank you!! So happy to get my item back!
-Carol H.
A passenger of United Airlines - 7/13/2024

My lost passport arrived at my home exactly when I expected. Thank you so much for a terrific experience!
-Anthony M.
A passenger of American Airlines - 7/13/2024

I can believe it! I feel so blessed and so excited. This is a great service from the lost and found service. It is just beautiful. I lost my phone and never thought I could find it again, but lo and behold I have it headed to my home. Thank you
-Daniel B.
A passenger of American Airlines - 7/13/2024

Thank You SO Much!!! We really appreciate that you have this lost and found system and so appreciate you finding not only the one stuffed animal reported, but another stow away! Your service is amazing and on top of a magical visit to the Grand Canyon, we are so impressed with this level of customer service. Thanks again!
-Michelle W.
A guest of Grand Canyon National Park Lodges - 7/12/2024

thank you for getting this pouch back to me, won't forget it and be 100% more careful, Good Job
A passenger of United Airlines - 7/12/2024

Merci pour votre réactivité.
A passenger of Aéroport de Montréal-Trudeau - Opsis services aéroportuaires - 7/12/2024

Tony is awesome! He stayed with me every step of the way in recovering my lost item. Thank you for your help and I wish him the best!
-Isabel K.
A passenger of American Airlines - 7/12/2024

I am extremely pleased with the service I received from Ms. Williams in Security. I received my items in a very timely manner.
-Gretel J.
A guest of Galt House Hotel - 7/11/2024

Thank you so very much for finding my items I had given up hope of getting them back. I really really appreciate everything you have done. We will see you soon.
-Kaye A.
A guest of Harrahs Cherokee Resort - 7/11/2024

Thank you
-Sharon P.
A guest of The Hotel Hot Springs - 7/11/2024

Received my lost item today!!!!!! All is there and arrived in great shape. Thank you so very much!!!!! . Thank you to Our room steward Mariner of the Seas cabin 9643. May 6 2024 sailing from Galveston !! Please acknowledge him and my greatfulness!!!
-Bert C.
A passenger of Royal Caribbean International - 7/10/2024

Thank you so much for your help and frequent contact!
-Nancy C.
A passenger of United Airlines - 7/10/2024

Excellent and very fast service. Great communication. Thank you!
-Cesar L.
A passenger of United Airlines - 7/10/2024

our bag was delivered in 2 days. The woman we worked with, unfortunately I didn't get her name, was extremely helpful and kind. Thank you and please thank her for me.
-Matthew D K.
A passenger of Celebrity Cruises - 7/9/2024

I received the misplaced iPad. Thank you very much, and particular thanks to the United Airlines lost and found people for their diligent work.
-Edward F.
A passenger of United Airlines - 7/9/2024

Thank you for everything. I was not too worried as it is an old wallet and I have my id and major credit cards stores in my cell phone, but I am thankful it was found!
-Kamina L.
A passenger of United Airlines - 7/9/2024

By far the best customer service. I appreciate your quick responses and getting me my item. Even though it is just being shipped the process took less than 24 hrs. The young lady I spoke to, I appreciate you.
-Christina Sanchez Y.
A guest of New York New York - 7/9/2024

it is already a magic that the lost can be found
-Yikang G.
A guest of Yellowstone National Park Lodges - 7/8/2024

I'm elated that my computer was found and sent on its way back to me so quickly. That's great customer service!
-Lloyd L. L.
A passenger of American Airlines - 7/8/2024

What great service from everybody I want to thank you all
-Frank H.
A passenger of American Airlines - 7/8/2024

Thank you for sending my items that I left behind. I received them promptly and the process was very smooth.
-Constance W.
A guest of Hilton Grand Vacations Club at The Flamingo - 7/8/2024

Everything is and was what was expected . Nothing but the best from this company . Thank you !
A guest of Cedar Point - 7/7/2024

Thanks for responsiveness. The App has worked really well, in securing my lost item!
-Kara S C.
A passenger of United Airlines - 7/6/2024

Thanks so much for the quick response to my lost item what a great person you have working on the weekends
-nita D.
A passenger of Sanford Airport Authority - 7/6/2024

Thank you so much! Really appreciate all that was done by everyone. It takes a village.
A passenger of United Airlines - 7/6/2024

Very impressed at how he all handled the passport that our daughter left behind.. Very professional, and this speaks well to American Airlines.
-Steven R.
A passenger of American Airlines - 7/6/2024

I work with Curtis at the hotel he was very helpful and kind!
-Martha P.
A guest of Hilton Grand Vacations Club Las Vegas Boulevard Suites - 7/5/2024

I appreciate how your team worked effectively, diligently, and professionally to find my watch!
-Iesha C.
A guest of Universal Orlando Resort - 7/5/2024

Thank you! When I realized that I had left behind my Boox Palma e-reader on the plane, I gave up hope of getting it back. So, to get an email out of the blue offering to send it back to me was a huge surprise, and a very welcome one! Thank you!!
A passenger of United Airlines - 7/5/2024

Your site is AWESOME!!!! So easy to use! Thanks Aimee
A passenger of Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport - 7/5/2024

We are so grateful that you found these very expensive prescription sunglasses and took the time and care to get them back to us!! Thank you.
-Rich P.
A guest of Omni Mount Washington Resort/Bretton Woods Ski Area - 7/5/2024

It was an amazing experience! I spoke with a woman in the lost and found area at the Charlotte NC airport today about an item that got misplaced when I went through the area where the passengers have to put their carry on items in the tubs and they go through the scanner. I flew from Charlotte to Phoenix this morning. The item was my monitor for my pace maker so of course I was upset when I got home and it wasn’t in my bag! Anyway! The woman I spoke with (and I wish I knew her name) was exceedingly kind and really went that extra mile and found my monitor! She then arranged for it to be shipped to me! You can imagine my relief! I am so impressed with the service and attention I received. I want to thank you for your wonderful kindness and excellent service! Nice to know there are still such nice people in this world! Excellent customer service!
-Karen C.
A passenger of Charlotte Douglas International Airport - 7/4/2024

Merci beaucoup d'avoir retrouvé mon téléphone.
-Eric R.
A passenger of Air Canada - 7/3/2024

Your customer service has been incredibly efficient.I did not report the loss of my reader book thinking that was lost at the gate in Chicago. You found it. Found my name inside, Finding my name in the passengers list. Finding the email address of the booking person. This is what we call "Customer Service". Incredible. Congratulations and thank you.
-claudio C.
A passenger of United Airlines - 7/3/2024

I want to give my thanks to the cleaning crew on finding my MagSafe wallet and Fernanda who was quite pleasant to talk with on setting up the return. Great customer service!
-Howard S.
A passenger of United Airlines - 7/3/2024

You all were very helpful. Thanks you.
-Jeffrey M.
A guest of Universal Orlando Resort - 7/3/2024

I literally can’t thank you enough for the return of my ring which was my 50th birthday present from my late husband. Everyone in your department was very generous with their time as I was checking in with them several times a day for the three days prior to my leaving to come home. The day I left I filled out your QR code form and made my peace with never seeing my ring again. When I got your email I was speechless. When the package arrived and it indeed was my ring I gave a prayer of thankfulness and gratitude for people who care. Thank you again and I will miss The Mirage as I’ve stayed with you for many years. Heather
-Heather T.
A guest of Mirage - 7/3/2024

Thank you so much for returning my Kindle Fire!!!! I’m so happy to have it back!!!
-Frances S.
A passenger of United Airlines - 7/1/2024

United Airlines - via the team in Portland Oregon - provided outstanding customer service.
-Helle W.
A passenger of United Airlines - 7/1/2024

Thank you for all your efforts in returning my items. I truly appreciate it. Teddie
-Teddie A.
A passenger of Alaska Airlines - 6/30/2024

Thanks for returning lost item promtly.
-Velma L.
A guest of Freehand NY - 6/29/2024

Thank you very much for your swift handling of my lost bag claim. I do appreciate that it was found rather quickly
-Cynthia L.
A passenger of Royal Caribbean International - 6/29/2024

I am very impressed with how quickly my item was found and how efficient the process was to have it sent back to me. I honestly thought it was gone for good!
-Jason M. W.
A passenger of United Airlines - 6/28/2024

Finding and returning my lost item is a really big deal to me. I know it’s time consuming and difficult. Your efforts show a real commitment to doing what’s right and to great customer service. I’m very grateful and I thank you so much.
-Seth J.
A passenger of United Airlines - 6/28/2024

Thank you so much for reaching out to return my item. I feel big bbn or small the care you took to let me know I left something behind speaks volumes. Honesty and Loyalty still mean alot to me. You are amazing. Sincerely, Linda Long
-Linda L.
A guest of Yellowstone National Park Lodges - 6/28/2024

We left our iPad in the boarding area at Dulles Airport. We notified UA lost and found as soon as we could. We really didn’t think we would ever see it again, but about 3 weeks later we get a message that it was found. For a nominal fee our iPad was returned safe and sound. Thenk you soooo much UA!
-Dan O.
A passenger of United Airlines - 6/28/2024

Thank you very much we are delighted to get the Nintendo back you all have been great Henry
-H R.
A passenger of American Airlines - 6/28/2024

Thank you so much for your prompt response. You have demonstrated what true service really is! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
-Martha G.
A passenger of American Airlines - 6/27/2024

Great service to return an item so quickly.
-Helen K.
A passenger of Air Canada - 6/27/2024

Thank you so much for all your work in locating my ipad succesfullly. Really appreciate that I can reunite with my item. Thank you!!!
A passenger of United Airlines - 6/27/2024

Thank you for the help and service to find my lost phone, I didn't think I would get it back, but your employee was excellent and a pleasure to talk to. Great Job!!
-Michael W.
A passenger of American Airlines - 6/27/2024

Wonderful service! I honestly thought my computer was gone and was exceedingly upset with myself for losing it to begin with. But your team came through and gave me a fantastic B Day present by finding it. I wish I could send the honest person that found it and handed it in a little thank you gift. Not sure if that is allowed?
-Remi P.
A passenger of American Airlines - 6/27/2024

Très bon service
-Bérubé, P.
A passenger of Aéroport de Montréal-Trudeau - Opsis services aéroportuaires - 6/27/2024

Thank you for finding and shipping my kindle!
A passenger of United Airlines - 6/27/2024

Very nice service I drop my wallet in plane and they call in morning and process everything I am getting all my cards and money
-Bhaveshkumar P.
A passenger of American Airlines - 6/27/2024

I loved Connie at Charlotte Airport.
-Richard J C.
A passenger of American Airlines - 6/26/2024

Dear AA, Thank You so much for finding my lost items. I really appreciate it.
A passenger of American Airlines - 6/26/2024

Excellent service. Arrived safe and sound. Thank you
-Robert B.
A passenger of WestJet - 6/26/2024

Just received my two hair dryers today. Thank you so much for this service. Please thank the cleaning crew for turning them in to lost&found. Appreciate that so much!
-Harriett C.
A guest of Atlantic Beach Resort - 6/25/2024

Thank you for returning my lost wallet! I really appreciate how quickly this was resolved.
A passenger of American Airlines - 6/25/2024

Dollywood is Awsome. I lost my phone I. The park and they found it. Contacted me and sent it to me. Very pleased
-Noah M.
A guest of Dollywood Theme Park - 6/25/2024

Jeramy was so helpful and found our lost item. And within 5 minutes, he had our item in hand and began the shipping process. Thanks so much!!
-Dorothy M.
A guest of Bally's Lake Tahoe - 6/24/2024

Your help was incredibly fast and efficient!
-Rita R.
A guest of Hilton Charlotte Airport - 6/24/2024

Kings Island you are the best. I did not think it was possible to find those keys. Thank you for all the effort you put into finding them. This is very appreciated!
-Craig I S. Judith A S.
A guest of Kings Island - 6/24/2024

Thank you so much for your help! I got my lost cell phone back.
A passenger of American Airlines - 6/23/2024

Thank you very much You guys are great
-Jamie M.
A guest of Hersheypark Entertainment Complex - 6/22/2024

Thank you for making the list and found process so efficient. You found my iPad so quickly and offered a seamless shipping option that was quickly expedited. My experience so far has been very positive and beyond expectation. Job well done!
-Mary T.
A passenger of United Airlines - 6/22/2024

Thank you for finding my tablots I am patiently waiting for there return and greatly appreciated your quick response.
-Nancy O.
A passenger of Celebrity Cruises - 6/22/2024

Thank you for finding my CPAP, calling me and getting it shipped for overnight delivery!
-Michael F.
A passenger of Sacramento International Airport - 6/21/2024

Oh my goodness!!! I am beyond surprised and elated that you found my laptop on your plane, before it even left PHX where I landed, despite the fact that it took me 6 hours to know I had left it there. You found it in 4 days AND it arrived here on the 6th 5th day. I am grateful and very impressed in this era of inefficiency and questionable values. May all who had a part in this be renewed by this Solstice time.
-Julie L.
A passenger of American Airlines - 6/21/2024

I can't thank you enough for the exceptional service in locating my kindle and returning it to me so quickly.
-Rosemarie G.
A passenger of Air Canada - 6/21/2024

I am writing to say THANK YOU for taking the time and effort to find my phone. It isn't an expensive phone but, it does have a lot of information and pictures that couldn't be replaced. Please pass my gratitude to the person(s) who put in the effort to find it go me. We went on to have a wonderful time at the park. We enjoyed our time there, a once in a lifetime for the wife and I, hopefully the granddaughter will have a chance to visit again. Again, Thank you VERY MUCH. James C.
-James C.
A guest of Hersheypark Entertainment Complex - 6/21/2024

Thanks for your help in recovering my lost items
-Nancy L.
A guest of Harrahs Gulf Coast - 6/21/2024

Received my laptop today. Thank you for finding my laptop and sending it to me. I am very thankful for finding my laptop and sending it to my home so quickly. Excellent work. Charles J. T.
-Charles J. T.
A passenger of Aéroport de Montréal-Trudeau - Opsis services aéroportuaires - 6/21/2024

What an excellent service. Thank you
-Crispian J H.
A passenger of United Airlines - 6/20/2024

Lost article received. Thank you
-Christina K.
A passenger of United Airlines - 6/20/2024

Many thanks for kind courtesy and assistance in getting my 'leash' returned !!!
-Doug J.
A passenger of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport Lost & Found - 6/20/2024

Impressive service and response.Thank you.
A passenger of Aéroport de Montréal-Trudeau - Opsis services aéroportuaires - 6/20/2024

Sir I want to say a big Thank you for your communication with me throughout this search and process I was so relieved when the email was sent that you found my Ipad you guys are Awesome. Alicia B. H.
-Alicia B. H.
A passenger of Carnival Cruise Line - 6/20/2024

Thank you for the information and update
-Aderonke D.
A passenger of Azamara - 6/20/2024

I can be thankful enough to Ms Barbara who called me regarding my lost item. I wasn’t able to make a payment the first time so she sent me the link afterni explaines her my situation. She was extremely kind to call me for second time to notify my payment was received and that my lost item was being mailed. Thank You Ms Barbara. You are a great and kind employee.
-Marilu G.
A guest of Six Flags Great America - 6/19/2024

Peggy Hughes, the Operations manager in Spokane, WA (GEG), was wonderful to call me that my item had been located. She went above and beyond duty! As a Global Services for Life member, I'm glad to recognize your outstanding employee.
-Judith S.
A passenger of United Airlines - 6/19/2024

-Craig H.
A passenger of United Airlines - 6/19/2024

I had lost my wallet while traveling back overseas and I have to say this process has been amazing from the Charolette-Douglas Airport staff and the Charlotte PD officers that help retrace my steps. The process was fairly quick at the moment I reported my wallet missing to when airport lost and found recovered it took 48hrs max. The Chargerback was able to provide me all the details based on the description of what I lost to match what was found, and expedited shipping arrangements to get it back as soon as possible. Receiving tracking number of the shipment was a bonus. The only negative thing I have to say is that they do not ship to APO/FPO/PSC locations which mainly because of the carrier (FedEx) that company uses. I think because of the amount of military personnel that travel in and out of that airport, accommodated shipping options to an APO address should be available to avoid any additional delays of receiving your my property back. All in all, great experience from start with the filing of the claim. It took 5 days from recovery to delivery of my property. In my opinion, that's pretty damn good.
-Michael E.
A passenger of Charlotte Douglas International Airport - 6/19/2024

Thanks so much for quickly finding and shipping my iPad. I know that a number of your employees were probably involved, so I will be making donations to their respective unions. Once again, thank you so much!
A passenger of Alaska Airlines - 6/19/2024

Thank you so much for finding this notebook. Your communication was excellent on letting me know the status. I love the great communication and caring!
-Kathleen K.
A guest of Golden Nugget Las Vegas Security L&F - 6/19/2024

A bit of background on the lost tablet. I sent this earlier but wasn't sure if it went to the right desk. Last April when we went to England we left my wife's tablet on the plane but didn't notice it missing until we arrived at Gay's brother's place. I reported it lost to Air Canada and although we got feed back we were not hopeful we would get it back. Today (June 10th) we went to the Bell Store near Ottawa, for a new tablet and just as we were signing the contract I got an email from Air guessed it, you found the old tablet and were sending it to me via FedEx. I have to go now...and buy a lottery ticket. (Hope to see you soon in Business Class) Thank you for the great service. Regards, Phil W.
-Phil W.
A passenger of Air Canada - 6/19/2024

Thanks for all your help!
-James G.
A passenger of American Airlines - 6/18/2024

Cathy or Kathy (not sure spelling)in Lost and found was great ! She was very helpfull and efficient finding my lost product that I left behind ..I did what she asked and the ppl in that department (shiping and handling) sent my package out quickly ..vary happy with the costomer service I git regarding this matter ..thank you Kathy !
-Gilbert G.
A guest of Downtown Grand Las Vegas - 6/18/2024

Wonderful service sending my lost phone to me
-Neil B.
A passenger of Air Canada - 6/18/2024

Thank you United Airlines and everyone that helped to return my purse to me. I honestly did not think the outcome of this situation was going to be a positive one and the fact that not only was it returned to me in 2 days, my wallet and everything else was still in there. My faith in this world has been renewed. I sincerely appreciate the efforts that were made to make sure my purse was returned. Thank you thank you thank you!!! :)
-Michelle A.
A passenger of United Airlines - 6/18/2024

Thank you so much to everyone who worked so hard to get my purse and phone back to me. I lost it in the Tampa Airport June 7th. Bless the honest person who gave it to an Avelo employee, to the Airport Police, and Lost and Found who sent it back to me. A special thanks to Officer Patrick who was kind enough to call me and let me know it had been found. We had taken my grand children to Treasure Island. For their 1st trip to the beach. All the pictures were on my phone. Thank you so much for helping me preserve those precious memories!
-Jacqueline D.
A passenger of Tampa International Airport  - 6/18/2024

I appreciate your help.
-Rebecca S.
A guest of Venetian Resort and Expo Lost and Found - 6/17/2024

I'm very happy you have contacted me about my lost e-reader. I hadn't expected to get it back after I'd incidently left it in a United Airlines airplane. Thank you!
A passenger of United Airlines - 6/17/2024

Hi. I wanted to send a special thanks to Terri at the front desk/customer service - she went above and beyond to give me hope with my lost wedding rings. Her helps was immediate and she greatly reduced my anxiety and worry. I cannot thank her enough and tell you how lucky you are to have her. She is one of a kind! I also want to thank Paul over the security dept. He was also exceptional with taking charge and resolving the issue when my mom and I needed more help. All of your staff are positive, upbeat and caring. A truly great example! . Terri and Paul - thank you for great care and focused customer service. You are gems!
-Tracy C.
A guest of Westgate Myrtle Beach Oceanfront - 6/16/2024

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