I would like to give a huge shout-out to Reid Swartz in the Lost
-Sandi D.
A passenger of Southwest Florida International Airport - 5/9/2021

I want to thank the staff of United Airlines for going out of their way to find my AirPods all the other items in my pouch. I did not think it was possible to find my stuff after 3-months. It means a lot to me and I thank you all for helping me. I am for ever grateful.
-Siata G.
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/9/2021

Beyond impressed. Can't thank you enough for finding my personal bag. I loved staying at your property
A guest of Planet Hollywood Las Vegas - 5/7/2021

Thank you for finding my glasses !!!! I am lost without them
-Valerie D.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/7/2021

Thank you so much for returning my list Apple Watch to me! I truly thought it was lost forever!You are the best!Thanks so much!
-Barbara P.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/7/2021

A passenger of United Airlines - 5/6/2021

I received my purse, folder with my important papers and even the cash that was in my purse. This indicates the dedication of all the staff at Grand Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida. special Thanks to Timothy in security and the person that found my cooler bag that had these important items in it. God Bless Theresa S.
-Theresa J S.
A guest of Grand Beach Resort - 5/5/2021

A passenger of American Airlines - 5/5/2021

People are very nice responsive helpful I would like to go back again
-Zenada T.
A guest of Westgate Resort and Casino Lost and Found Dept. - 5/5/2021

Monica Herrera and Phillippe provided excellent customer service. Monica in particular really searched to find a lost phone and helped fill out the on-line form required. Their help in finding and sending the phone was greatly appreciated. They provided the kind of quality interaction that was friendly, efficient and professional. Thank you!
-Laura L.
A passenger of Amtrak - 5/5/2021

Absolutely wonderful work to all involved in helping find my missing item. Your hard work is very appreciated and I hope if I ever lose anything again that I will be in your care again of finding it. Again, great work and thank you, thank you, thank you!!
-Alexandra C.
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/4/2021

I am so grateful for all the honest and wonderful people who made it possible for getting my lost iPad back to me! Thank you so much and as for American Airlines, they are
-Brenda O.
A passenger of American Airlines - 5/4/2021

Thank you so much
-Maxine Nugent R.
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/4/2021

Thank you so much! My bracelet arrived today after talking to Babin on Friday, 4/30. I really appreciate your prompt attention to my careless mistake of leaving it in the room.
A guest of Hyatt Regency Reston - 5/4/2021

THANKS, THANKS!! Is there any way you can tell me where it was found?Kathy Tomlinson.....THANKS!
-Kathy T.
A passenger of Allegiant Travel - 5/3/2021

What a lifesaver! Lost my Drivers License and United found it and sent it to me via Fedex. Was wondering how I was going to travel without an ID. Thanks for your quick service.
-Kevin T.
A passenger of United Airlines - 5/2/2021

Thank you so much in tracing and sending my passport. I have no words to express my happiness. Before I contacted you, I called Lost and found dept at Newark airport, their reply came after 4 days stating they did not find my PP.Once again thanks a lot.
-Bashir M.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/30/2021

Thank you very much for your service. Now my daughter has her iPad which she uses for school.
-Cristian V.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/30/2021

Thank you so much for all the effort!
-Daniel R.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/29/2021

Thank you so much to United Airlines, Chargerback and FedEx for the prompt return of my tablet that I forgot. Great Job!!!!
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/29/2021

I would like to thank for the Lost
-Gianfranco B.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/28/2021

Thank you so very much for the service!
-Marcia C.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/28/2021

Thank you very much. I just received the bag with all stuffs inside by Fedex. I am so happy, want to say thank you many times.Sonia Wong
A passenger of Air Canada - 4/28/2021

Excellent help
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/27/2021

I’m so happy you found my iPad! You’ve made my day! Thank you so very much!Michelle
-Michelle M.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/27/2021

Thank you very much!
-Sonia W.
A passenger of Air Canada - 4/27/2021

Great job! Amazed you found my lost article and are getting it back to me!!! Thanks!
-Rich C.
A passenger of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport  - 4/27/2021

Thank you for the unbelievable service. Janeane was amazing. She was highly communicative, quick to respond and detailed. She has sold me on future stays at Wynn- knowing I am covered. Thank you!
-Tommie J.
A guest of Wynn Las Vegas - 4/26/2021

Good service
-Flor G.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/26/2021

This process has been so easy. I’m so grateful our item was found.
-Stacey S.
A guest of Great Wolf Lodge Georgia - 4/25/2021

Very helpful thank y’all so much
-Dashalua W.
A passenger of Sun Country Airlines - 4/24/2021

Thank you so much for having this site!
-Gene L.
A guest of JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort and Rampart Casino - 4/23/2021

I forgot to get the name of the wonderful woman who contacted me. What a peach! So nice!
-Nanci P.
A passenger of Tampa International Airport  - 4/23/2021

Mory was a gem, she took swift action to mail my iPad out before she left for long weekend! She’s deserves 5 stars!
-Jill S.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/22/2021

Delighted at your fast response. Never happy to be denied access to a human being and having to do this on-line. Fortunately it worked this time. Thank you to all involved.
-Ted S.
A guest of DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Austin - 4/22/2021

I received my wallet today. I appreciate the soeedy return.
-Karen I.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/20/2021

GOT IT BACK - TODAY - Thanks again.
-Eddie B.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/20/2021

A guest of Ocean Casino Resort - 4/20/2021

Your very effective last and found service is very much appreciated. It seems like it might be one of the best in the industry. But I have only had a couple other lost items on competitor airlines and that was a long time ago. In one case, I couldn't even make contact with their lost and found service.
-Joseph W.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/20/2021

I'm so thankful, for the integrity of your staff first for the conductor on train
-De'Borah D.
A passenger of Amtrak - 4/19/2021

I want to thank all of the people in your hotel security, lost and found as well as the front desk person Richard and the room attendant for finding, turning in and expediting the return of my laptop so quickly. Their cooperation and quick response made it possible to get it to me asap. Thanks to them and to Harrahs Laughlin for having excellent employees.
-Tom F.
A guest of Harrahs Laughlin - 4/18/2021

Thank you for getting my I pad. I haven’t received it yet but when I do I will definitely give you a thumbs up!! Also thank you for being so efficient about all of this. Lindsay Laughlin
-Lindsay L.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/18/2021

Thanks so much to everyone who heled with finding my lost item. I really do appreciate the time and effort in shipping back my item to me! I know it was my fault i lost it and i know you didn't have to help recover it .Thank you again .
-Jonathan M.
A guest of SeaWorld/Aquatica Orlando - 4/17/2021

Thank you very much. I had thought that I had just misplaced the item and that it would turn up eventually.Thank you again, what a great service!!
-Kevin H.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/16/2021

-Eddie B.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/16/2021

Ince we extablisjed contact that Item was found, the process through chargerback was easy to follow and item was returned one day ahead of the estimated date. Thank you.
-Glenda Y.
A guest of Seminole Hard Rock Tampa - 4/16/2021

The person is lost and found on 4/15/2021 at noon was the most compassionate, professional, and understanding person that I have encountered in a long time. She deserves a raise! She has represented the culture and the Mirage brand in the most excellent manner. Thanks a million.
-Veda B.
A guest of Mirage - 4/15/2021

I just received my keys back from Seaworld that I lost. Thank you very much! You did a fantastic job in a very short amount of time. I appreciate all your hard work. Thank you
-Barbara G.
A guest of SeaWorld/Aquatica Orlando - 4/15/2021

This has been a refreshingly easy and effective service and I am pleased to be receiving my article back.
-Arthur Paul W.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/15/2021

My phone was found and mailed back to me very quickly.
A guest of Universal Orlando Resort - 4/14/2021

First I want to say thank you for two of the smoothest flights/landings I ever had.And the way I was treated on the Flight was outstanding!Then you went and found my lost wallet in less than two days What can I say; You do it all American Air lines.Thanks So much Anthony H.
-Anthony H.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/14/2021

Great service. Thankyou
-Sheila S.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/14/2021

Very thankful our list item was found! From reporting the lost item to recovery, it was very easy and smooth. Thank you so much!
-Amber M.
A passenger of Hawaiian Airlines Account - 4/14/2021

Thank you so much for finding my items and acting on it so quickly. I can't tell you how much this truly means to me except to say that I expected this to go well given how much I have visited this hotel in the past and have always been pleased with the service. Again, Thank you!!
-Gail S.
A guest of Eldorado Hotel Casino ATTN: SECURITY L&F - 4/13/2021

I am so grateful and appreciative, for the efforts put forth in searching and locating my luggage, thank you so much. I realize it was a team effort of the lost and found department of United Airlines therefore it should not go un-noticed of the long hours and work that goes into locating lost items. I personally want to recognize and express my deepest appreciation, and gratitude for this department of United Airlines it is because of you and your co-workers, associates, of United that people like me enjoying flying with United. Again thank you.
-SirArthur E T.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/12/2021

Excellent service, thank you so much
-Dustin H.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/12/2021

That is customer service perfection! Before I realized I had lost my iPad, you contacted me, found my personal info from identifying my seat location and making the effort to get it back to me. Congratulations on superb customer service United will be my airline of choice
-Eva A.
A passenger of United Airlines - 4/12/2021

What can I say? Your Lost and Found System/people are amazing!! You were right on it!! Thank you sooo very much
-Penny G.
A passenger of Jacksonville Aviation Authority - 4/11/2021

Many thanks for returning my Kindle.I knew I left it on the plane but wasn't sure which flight. Great service.
-Thomas B.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/10/2021

I am very grateful that people listened to the messages I left on the Lost and found voice mail so that I could get my phone back! Thank you!
-Diane A.
A passenger of American Airlines - 4/10/2021

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