Thanks for your professionalism, attention to details and sense of urgency! We appreciate your thoughtfulness. Have a great weekend.
-John F.
A guest of Palmer House Hilton - 9/29/2023

Thank you so much!
-Myounggyu J.
A passenger of WestJet - 9/29/2023

its with gratitude that I thank you for returning my lost item. The system worked! Your partnership with United airlines has put my faith in flying with the airlines in the future. Thank you for all you do for all the tired travellers ;) xoxo
-donato A.
A passenger of United Airlines - 9/29/2023

Thank you SO much for your help!!
A passenger of Amtrak - 9/29/2023

Thank You, All the assistance is really appreciated
-Shakiria P.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/29/2023

Once we had gotten to the airport we realized we left my husbands phone in our room. We called and they transferred us the security group. Within 30 min they had gone to the room found it and called us back. Within minutes sent us link to fill out the information needed to get the phone back. We could not have been more pleased on the speed of action of the security team. We appreciate everything they did.
-Jody W.
A guest of Marriott's Ko Olina Beach Club - 9/29/2023

Raleigh has the best Amtrak in North Carolina it’s clean they are so polite and they make sure you are well taken care of thank you to All.
A passenger of Amtrak - 9/28/2023

Thank you so much for your help
A passenger of Alaska Airlines - 9/28/2023

I can't believe it! I actually received my lost iPad, exactly a week since I lost it on my flight. I never thought this would end so well.
A passenger of United Airlines - 9/28/2023

Excellent handling, swift, impressive.
-Peter C.
A guest of Marriott's MountainSide - 9/28/2023

Thank you. I appreciate your courteous and speedy assistance.
-Cynthia C.
A guest of Sheraton Waikiki Hotel - 9/28/2023

Thank you so much for finding my iPad! I really appreciate your work
A passenger of Alaska Airlines - 9/28/2023

Thank you!
-Michael H.
A passenger of United Airlines - 9/27/2023

Such a relief. Easy and quick. Thank you so much.
-Ann B.
A passenger of United Airlines - 9/27/2023

Thank you for finding my left behind item! Great service!
-Glenna K.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/27/2023

Thank You and Good job to all who helped find & return my iPad that fell out of a backpack on an AA flight.
-Kevin G.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/27/2023

Very happy that this process works so well.
-Ellen N.
A guest of Circus Circus Reno - ATTN: SECURITY L&F - 9/27/2023

Thanks a million for finding my laptop which is very important for me. Thanks again
A passenger of United Airlines - 9/27/2023

Excellent customer service some of the best I’ve had in years the clerk who help me was so awesome and helpful excellent attitude. I will be flying American from now on when I travel I’m very grateful to your your team of professionals!
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/27/2023

Thank you so much!!! I can’t believe my money was still attached as well.
-Margaret K.
A passenger of Air Canada - 9/27/2023

I am very excited to find my Oakley glasses. The process was simple to call, verify and pay the shipping. Only one request to add the phone number for Airport Lost and Found instead of only asking to visit the website. TSA representative gave me Airport Lost and Found phone number.
-Bijay D.
A passenger of Southwest Florida International Airport - 9/26/2023

American Airlines is great a lil more priced than southwest but your customer service trumps them all.
-Gena R.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/26/2023

I really appreciate lost and found located my lost item. I am now believing people there is really honest people working hard and taking care of customers. Thank you!
-Richard P.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/25/2023

Thank you very much for your very prompt and professional return of the clothes I left in my room at checkout. Very well done!
-David S.
A guest of Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa - 9/25/2023

Merci, votre service est très efficace.
-Andre D.
A passenger of Air Canada - 9/24/2023

Melissa really helped me out. I was really worried about what I left behind. Thank you!!
-Stacey M.
A guest of DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Austin - 9/24/2023

Duffel bag arrived at our house half an hour ago. Thank you all so much for finding and returning it to us. Your processes for handling all this was really easy and efficient; required only a little patience on our part.
-Susanne M.
A guest of The Welk - 9/24/2023

Thank you so very very much for finding and returning my diamond stone that I lost at your facility on 9/20/2023. ANA D found my loose diamond in my hotel room #2xxx after I left the hotel and called when I discovered it missing from my ring. The report was filed by nelkurdi. Thanks thanks thanks! You are my hero’s!!!
-Mary Beth S.
A guest of Trump Hotel  - 9/23/2023

Excellent job
-Paula S.
A passenger of Charlotte Douglas International Airport - 9/23/2023

Thank you VERY much!!!
-Joseph J.
A passenger of United Airlines - 9/22/2023

Thank you so much!!!
-Sherrie H.
A guest of Seminole Hard Rock Tampa - 9/22/2023

Thanks for finding
-Ivan W.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/21/2023

The staff at the registration desk in this hotel are the best. I've been visiting this Country Inn & Suite for several years every fall, the staff at the desk has remained the same and I feel like I'm visiting old friends each year as we return. Thank you Peggy,Nicole,Izzi& all. Looking forward to next year. All the best. BrianLNewsom
-Brian N.
A guest of Country Inn and Suites by Radisson - 9/21/2023

Thank you so very much for finding my pants to my suit. My stay at the Tropicana Havana Tower room 6629 was excellent. I totally appreciate your service. And hospitality. Congratulations on your new management keep up the good work
A guest of Tropicana Atlantic City - 9/21/2023

Thank You American Airlines! I had left a garment bag in the First Class Closet on my flight from Detroit to Denver. My husband filed a missing Lost/Found item with American Airlines. The package arrived "safe and sound". Thank You again!
-Carolyn H.
A passenger of United Airlines - 9/20/2023

-James R.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/20/2023

-Luz Marina M.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/20/2023

I truly appreciate the efforts on behalf of American Airlines. You were quick to address the issue in a professional manner. Thank you once again for your efforts.
-Douglas W.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/20/2023

WOW -- that was FAST! I just got my iPhone back with everything intact and I am BEYOND thrilled. THANK YOU AMERICAN AIRLINES!!!!
-Renee Z.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/20/2023

Excellent service. I received the lost item. It is greatly appreciated. Hui
-Hui X.
A guest of Marriott's Cypress Harbour  - 9/20/2023

Thank you so very much for the fast service. I called on Friday, and our charger arrived yesterday (Monday) here in California. We really appreciate the great customer service!
-Ellis G.
A guest of Embassy Suites - 9/19/2023

I received my prescription shades today. Thank you so much to Harrah's and staff for sending my shades. much appreciated
-Hattie L.
A guest of Harrahs Resort Southern California - 9/19/2023

GREAT service and response time. amazing work
-jeffrey L.
A passenger of Royal Caribbean International - 9/18/2023

Quite satisfied with your service thanks for informing about my laptop
-Hamza K.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/18/2023

thank you so much for finding my ring! i’m so grateful and will always remember the kindness to the people who helped find and deliver my back my ring! you don’t understand much it means to me and words can’t describe how relieved i was to see my ring in the mail! i’m usually a really forget ful person but never forget my ring. Again thank you so so much! have a great rest of your time and service!
A guest of Caesars Palace Las Vegas - 9/17/2023

Marlyn is the GOAT!!!
-Daniel W.
A passenger of JFK Terminal 4 Lost and Found by Smarte Carte Inc. - 9/16/2023

Thank You! Your effort is greatly appreciated.
-Peggy O.
A passenger of Alaska Airlines - 9/16/2023

Thanks for your help
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/15/2023

Rose was very helpful and friendly and thorough. We are glad our lost item was turned in and we are getting it back.
-Shashi K.
A guest of Grand Canyon National Park Lodges - 9/14/2023

You all are awesome!! Thank you so much for locating my Kindle. I look forward to receiving it. May God bless you all for your honesty.
-Patricia V.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/14/2023

I left phone on Amtrak train and so amazed it was recovered and sent back to me. A sincere thank you to both you and Amtrak!
-Penny S.
A passenger of Amtrak - 9/14/2023

So glad you found my items I left on the plane, the lady who contacted me couldn’t have been nicer and the process for getting my items shipped was outstanding . You guys are the best!!! Mike Weinstein
-Mike W.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/14/2023

Thank you for finding my phone and getting it on its way back to me so quickly, you are the best!!
-Janet S.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/14/2023

Thank you for finding and returning my phone. It is great that even a large organization in a busy airport can take the time to help a customer in this situation. I truly appreciate it.
-Thomas H.
A passenger of United Airlines - 9/14/2023

Thanks, very good service!
-François P.
A passenger of Aéroport de Montréal-Trudeau - Opsis services aéroportuaires - 9/13/2023

Fantastic service and very pleased with the efficiency
-Joseph K.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/13/2023

Thank you so much! What great customer service!
-Paula K.
A guest of Planet Hollywood Las Vegas - 9/13/2023

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for fixing my self imposed disaster!
-Michele S.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/13/2023

-haeyoon S.
A guest of Alyeska Resort - 9/13/2023

So wonderful are the people behind the scenes for this lost-and-found. Very quick, very professional, and very compassionate about getting my item back to me… a big thank you to all!!!
-Karen M.
A passenger of Air Canada - 9/12/2023

I can not thank you enough for locating my phone so quickly. I have to say I had so much doubt as I filled out the form online, but needed to hold onto hope. To received such a quick response seemed unbelievable, but I know the first step was someone honest turned in the phone to the right person/place in O'Hare. THANK YOU! I look forward to having my phone back in my hand soon.
-Denise F.
A passenger of United Airlines - 9/12/2023

Barry was very prompt and courteous, and incredibly helpful to us in returning my lost cellphone!
-Donna S.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/11/2023

Excellent service!
-Jacquy G.
A passenger of United Airlines - 9/11/2023

awesome job
-Moshe W.
A passenger of Air Canada - 9/11/2023

Thank you.
-Patrick W.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/11/2023

Thank you, thank you, thank you for finding the wallet. We are so greatful.
-leida G.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/11/2023

Thank you so much for locating my hearing charger. I received it so fast. You did a wonderful job. Thank yoy thank you!
-Judith T.
A guest of Harrahs Cherokee Resort - 9/9/2023

Thank you
-Mark G.
A guest of Wind Creek Bethlehem - 9/8/2023

I would like to thank you very much for found and sent my daughers passport. We appreciate all your support. Thank you
-Lupita dell T.
A passenger of Air Canada - 9/8/2023

Outstanding service in recovering my lost items!
-T. D. S.
A passenger of Alaska Airlines - 9/8/2023

Thank you so much for finding my wallet!
-Erica B.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/8/2023

Returned item was quick and prompt processing, gave me some sense of relief or at ease, good feeling of knowing it's coming back to where it belong. Thank you.
-Emilia B E.
A guest of Palms Casino Resort - 9/8/2023

Excellent services am very proud
-Rod M I.
A guest of Excalibur Hotel and Casino - 9/8/2023

Pleasure to be served like that! fast, polite, professional! My item is back with no problem. Thank you, TI !
-Elena N.
A guest of Treasure Island - 9/8/2023

Thank you to American Airlines Lost and Found Dept. I am very grateful for your recovery of my lost item.
-Beverly J.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/7/2023

thank you great service
-Albert J. B.
A passenger of Alaska Airlines - 9/7/2023

Thank you so much for finding my computer and sending it back to me. I really appreciate everything.
-Benjamin H.
A passenger of Alaska Airlines - 9/7/2023

Thank you!
-Patricia K.
A guest of Ocean Enclave by Hilton Grand Vacations - 9/6/2023

A great team. Crislady was exceptionally capable and very pleasant in helping me with the recovery of my Apple Watch!
-Robert C. E.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/6/2023

Thank you for the efforts in locating my lost bag and the service to date. Anxiously awating its return and will get back to you once it is "home"!!
A passenger of Amtrak - 9/6/2023

Thank you guys for your quick response i appreciate it not sure how it was found in NY i guess the cleaning crew in Miami did not do there jobs there but New York i thank you and i wish you guys all God's blessings
-Cherry Ann M.
A passenger of American Airlines - 9/5/2023

Thanks to Alaska Airlines and Chargerback for implementing this amazing, simple to access, lost and found system for items left on a flight. I will be thrilled to received my lost items and truly appreciate the work that went in to creating and maintaining this system. Cheers to all. Karen
-Karen W.
A passenger of Alaska Airlines - 9/5/2023

Lost and found person was very helpful and pleasant to talk to. Thank you for shipping my forgotten items
-Noel V.
A guest of Harrahs Laughlin - 9/5/2023

Thanks for solving the problem quickly and professionally.
-Arianna G.
A passenger of United Airlines - 9/4/2023

Hats off to United Airlines. Your service is amazing. I got the email at the same time. I realize that I was missing my item and it will be back at my hands within two days. That is absolutely fantastic.
-Christopher de R.
A passenger of United Airlines - 9/1/2023

Thank you soo much!!! I appreciate your responsible actions securing my glasses.
-Brigitte Pearl B.
A guest of Venetian Resort and Expo Lost and Found - 9/1/2023

Very quick to respond and they found the lost item which made it even better !
-Jean D.
A passenger of United Airlines - 8/31/2023

Thank you for locating and shipping my iPad back to me. It was a great thing.
-John P W.
A passenger of American Airlines - 8/31/2023

Thank you so very much!!!
-Lyn B.
A passenger of American Airlines - 8/31/2023

Excellent service in my experience. I was happy to receive a found item report in less than 72 hours. Item was quickly shipped and expect it soon. Thank you!
-John A.
A passenger of United Airlines - 8/31/2023

I very much appreciate the assistance I received on the plane in completing the form - it was not easy to find. But I much appreciate the assistance by the person who handled the claim over the phone, very helpful and kind. Thank you so much.
A passenger of United Airlines - 8/31/2023

Thank you so much for the return of my husbands iPad.
-Bonnie B.
A guest of Silver Legacy Resort Casino ATTN:SECURITY L&F - 8/30/2023

This is a good system and easy to use.
-Roy F.
A guest of Bellagio - 8/30/2023

Awesome process. From AA -Ops to Austion List and found. Everyone tried to help me find my purse that I left by my seat area. Ugh. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Eternally grateful for the honest workers and very thankful. Job well done. Thank you.
-Stephanie H.
A passenger of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport Lost & Found - 8/30/2023

Super pleased with the lost and found systems. Appreciate that the airline found my item and made getting it back a relatively simple process.
-Emma D.
A passenger of American Airlines - 8/30/2023

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