Great job. Ease of use. Great communication. Timely updates so much appreciated!
-Dennis E.
A passenger of American Airlines - 1/16/2021

Y'all are wonderful! Thank you for not giving up in reaching out to me. You are the best! Stay safe. Folks like me need you!! :)
-Mary V.
A passenger of United Airlines - 1/15/2021

Thank you so much! My daughter and grandbabies were flying with it and realized they left it on the plane. Thought it was gone forever !
-Tammi J K.
A passenger of American Airlines - 1/15/2021

Thanks for my retrieval
-Kirk D E.
A passenger of American Airlines - 1/15/2021

Thank you so much for locating my lost property.
-Maurice S.
A passenger of American Airlines - 1/15/2021

Thank you for notifying me of the items that I left in the room and for arranging for shipping. Kudos for excellent service. You are truly a blessing.
-Belva Denmark T.
A guest of Holiday Inn Club Vacations Sunset Cove Resort - 1/14/2021

I SOOOO appreciate you finding and shipping my wallet. Thank you very much.
-Marla L.
A passenger of American Airlines - 1/13/2021

Great service. Thanks so much.
-Sheila H.
A passenger of Southwest Florida International Airport - 1/13/2021

Thank you very much for your kind effort in finding and returning my card. I really appreciate it with endless thanks. Keep on doing the wonderful job you are doing and may the good Lord continue to bless you guys.
-Claudette R.
A passenger of American Airlines - 1/13/2021

I thank you guys so much, I appreciate the time and effort you have extended for me to receive my card saying thank you isn't enough for my appreciation. Keep doing the good job you are doing and God bless you all.
-Claudette R.
A passenger of American Airlines - 1/13/2021

I am so so impressed with how quickly American found our lost iPod, contacted us, and had it shipped to us! My best experience so far with lost items with any airline I have flown with! Thank you so much for your hard work!!!
-Sarah B.
A passenger of American Airlines - 1/12/2021

Thank you very very much for the time and effort to not only locate my property but to notify me and ship it back. This is the only working key fob for my vehicle and at the current time, there are no funds available to purchase a new key. My vehicle has not moved since January 6. Can't say enough about American Airlines. This deed has made me a devoted customer. Thank you again. CL
-Charles L.
A passenger of American Airlines - 1/12/2021

Thank you so much for your prompt attention
-Brenda D.
A guest of Hilton Anatole Dallas - 1/12/2021

This year I had the pleasure I’ve visited the orange lake resorts in Florida where I received amazing customer service. I also had the pleasure of staying at the Holiday inn vacation club in Williamsburg Virginia. Facility is amazing and the people were outstanding. I left a very expensive coat hanging in the closet when I checked out. I called the resort weeks later they told me the coat was in their lost and found. The character of the employees and the level of customer service your receipt from the Holiday inn vacation club is the best in the industry I have never had a bad experience. This is the best investment I’ve ever made. I am truly proud to be a member of the Holiday inn vacation club.
-Virgil J.
A guest of Holiday Inn Club Vacations Williamsburg Resort - 1/11/2021

My lost item arrived on Friday 1/8/2021. I appreciate the help in it's return.
-Elaina D. G.
A guest of Beau Rivage Resort and Casino - 1/10/2021

You guys are lifesavers. I called this AM and within one half hour you called back and informed me that you had my drawings and would ship them to me on Monday. Eric was cordial, efficient and very helpful. Thank you.
-Bill C.
A passenger of Charlotte Douglas International Airport - 1/9/2021

Thank you so much for finding and returning my IPad. I really thought it was gone forever.
A passenger of American Airlines - 1/9/2021

I cannot believe my phone was finally turned in after 3 days of looking and asking for it! It was returned to me so quickly after the verification!! You guys are amazing!! Thank you!!
-Cynthia B.
A guest of Harrahs Cherokee Resort - 1/8/2021

Thank you I received my lost items yesterday
-Becky G.
A guest of Lake Junaluska Conference Center - 1/7/2021

I really appreciate you finding my sons game/controllers! And what an easy process to have it sent to us. Thanks again!!
-Roslyn M.
A passenger of American Airlines - 1/7/2021

I am delighted by chargerback and the CLT airport lost-and-found having the ability to call me and set up rapid shipment of my lost phone within hours of having it turned in. I am amazed that it sat in plain sight and making noises, flashing my lost-phone messages, at my remote direction for 48 hours in a busy airport. I will chuckle at security warnings about abandoned electronic devices in airports, but cannot fault the TSA, the only party involved where a person picks up the phone. This person could not go to where the phone was per my geo-location and memory, but two TSA officers picked up the telephone.
-Mark Z.
A passenger of Charlotte Douglas International Airport - 1/7/2021

I am very impressed with the customer service we received from your company.
-Donna W.
A passenger of American Airlines - 1/6/2021

I want to Thank You so much
-Maria B.
A guest of DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Myrtle Beach Oceanfront - 1/6/2021

This was fantastic service and so appreciated. The service was fast and professional. Many thanks for an excellent job!
-Susan K.
A passenger of United Airlines - 1/6/2021

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
-Kathleen A.
A guest of Silver Dollar City Campground - 1/6/2021

Thanks for resolving the issue so fast!
-Mario E.
A passenger of American Airlines - 1/6/2021

I want to thank you for helping me and shipping me my lost item quickly It was of big importance for me and family.It is greatly appreciated the honest and effective work done!
-Pilar S.
A passenger of American Airlines - 1/5/2021

Thanks for your lost and found program.
-Antoine L.
A passenger of American Airlines - 1/5/2021

Many Thanks to the Austin, TX Airport Lost and Found department!
-John B.
A passenger of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport  - 1/3/2021

Maria, and whoever else were involved. Thanks Thanks Thanks. I really appreciate it.P.S. Maria will you marry me? Lindy
-Lindy B.
A passenger of United Airlines - 1/2/2021

I am so amazed that you found this. It was my deceased wife's and I hated that I lost it. I have a new found respect for people. Great ethical standards United Airlines employs. Kudos !
-Douglas B.
A passenger of United Airlines - 12/31/2020

Great job!!!Good communication
-Bernardette F.
A passenger of American Airlines - 12/29/2020

Really excellent. Reached out to me to inform me that my lost item had been found and provided several different options for it to be returned to me. Very impressed
-Maxwell P.
A passenger of United Airlines - 12/28/2020

I wanna thank you so much for finding my phone.we really loved staying at hotel the view was awesome.i well tell my friends and family if they ever go to vegas that's the place to stay .again thank you.and a Happy New Year
-Bernadine M.
A guest of Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas - 12/26/2020

Thank you for your service to find and return lost iPad.
-natalia S.
A guest of Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort  - 12/25/2020

I wish to thank the attendants on my flight from Chicago to Jackson Hole. They made the contacts so that my neopreme bag would be found. I received my stuff today. Everything was in there except the one item that i wanted which was a set of Bose headphones. The headphone case came but the headphones were not in there. I don't know if the case was empty when found or if the headphones were removed by someone in the lost
-Susan M.
A passenger of United Airlines - 12/24/2020

I am very glad of finding my wife' bag which was very important due to containing several documents, USD, other foreign currencies, golden chain, diamond ear rings and many other things. I am also glad to see the automated process of verifying ownership and quick FedExing advantage. Thanks to all the staff of American airlines.
A passenger of American Airlines - 12/23/2020

I have my documents with me.Thanks very much for attention
-Henry Yaime G.
A passenger of American Airlines - 12/22/2020

I am impressed with the prompt response.More and more I am glad to choose American Airlines.Thank you
-Marcus P.
A passenger of American Airlines - 12/22/2020

I would like to say Thank you so muchI was put in Contact with Charity. In a matter of minutes She had found my jewelry. So nice to talk to. Told me what I needed to do so she could get it shipped to me. I had a Tracking info in a short time. Thank you again so much. Anita Trippett
-Anita Tracy T.
A guest of Beau Rivage Resort and Casino - 12/22/2020

Easy online process with amazing time response of less than two hours. And so easy online to arrange shipment via Fedex without having to talk to anyone! Thank you!
-Syed Nayyar S.
A passenger of United Airlines - 12/22/2020

Everything was great. Including items I left in my room. Shipped back to my very quickly and professionally.
-Jonathan B.
A guest of Holiday Inn Express and Suites Dallas North Addison - 12/21/2020

J'aimerais remercier Lise, de l'aéroport de Fort Lauderdale pour toutes les démarches qu'elle a effectué pour retrouver mon téléphone. Un gros merci et je vous souhaite de Joyeuses Fêtes.
-huguette L.
A passenger of Air Canada - 12/19/2020

I am so very appreciative that my son wallet with his important items in there were able to be located and sent to me.
A passenger of American Airlines - 12/19/2020

-Marcia H.
A passenger of Charlotte Douglas International Airport - 12/18/2020

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