You know how lost and found typically works:

A customer calls or stops a staff member to say they lost something, and from then on it's a manual, time-consuming process for your staff that in general results in only 1/3 of your customers getting their items back. You know lost and found is important, but you wish it took less effort and had a higher success rate. With Chargerback, you now have a better way to manage lost and found.

Consumers report their lost items, and businesses record their found items

Chargerback process - item is found and entered into the system, customer is contacted or self-reports a lost item, item is matched and customer is notified

Items are Matched and Returned

Chargerback process - customer agrees to pay the nominal fee via credit card, hotel/business prints shipping label, confirmation is sent to the customer with a tracking number

2013 survey by Wakefield Research indicates that 66% of consumers would either switch brands or view a business more favorably if that business offered Chargerback as an amenity.