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There are several reasons why Chargerback leads the way with web based lost and found technology:

  • We are a proven solution used by some of our nation's leading hospitality, entertainment and tourism operators.
  • Millions of items have successfully been processed using our system
  • Our system has been vetted and approved by many of the most sophisticated legal, IT and compliance teams in our country.
  • Lost and Found is ALL we do, and we are experts at it
  • Our software is flexible and customizable to meet your needs
  • We offer the best customer service around - just ask our existing partners!

Our technology will make your customers and your staff very happy

  • 24/7 online lost item reporting options
  • Guest facing notifications will keep customers informed as to the status of their item(s)
  • Lost and Found related phone calls can be eliminated
  • Our partnerships with USPS and FedEx provide integrated domestic and international shipping options
  • Our system is accessible from any browser based device
  • Sophisticated searching and matching capabilities
  • 24/7 support
  • Several training options to get your staff trained

Your Organization will benefit:

  • The opportunity to recoup a rebate for every item shipped, and turn lost and found into a revenue center to offset operating costs
  • Reduced exposure to credit card fraud with our PCI Compliant payment module