Meet the Chargerback Leadership Team

Ranson Webster, CEO - Chargerback Lost & Found Solutions

Ranson Webster

Chief Executive Officer

Founder, Ex-Chairman & CEO Computing Resources, Inc.

Founded Computing Resources, Inc. (CRI) on April 1, 1978

CRI becomes the nation's fourth largest quality payroll services provider, servicing over 100,000 businesses nationwide.

During CRI's 21 years as a privately held company it enjoyed record revenue and net income growth compounded annually of 22.9% and 30.5% respectively.

CRI established itself as an industry leader in generating the highest profit margin per payroll transaction processed.

CRI successfully integrated its proprietary tax and electronic direct deposit processing systems with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro.

In 1999, CRI agreed to a $200,000,000 merger transaction with Intuit. Mr. Webster served as Chairman and CEO of Intuit's payroll division (CRI) until March 2000.

Brian Colodny CPA, President and CFO - Chargerback Lost & Found Solutions

Brian Colodny

Co-Founder, Chargerback, President and CFO

Mr. Colodny and his partner co-founded Chargerback in August of 2010. He is also the founder of Colodny Fields LLP, a professional accounting firm formed in 2013. Prior to Colodny Fields, Mr. Colodny co-founded Kohn Colodny LLP in 1997 as a professional accounting company. He served as co-managing partner of the firm until 2013. Since inception Kohn Colodny LLP provided professional accounting services for companies, non-profits and individuals, the firm was one of the top five accounting firms in Northern Nevada. Mr. Colodny has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1983. Mr. Colodny has extensive experience forming several startup companies including Cobro Motorsports LLC and Premier Properties

Michael McLaughlin, CTO - Chargerback Lost & Found Solutions

Michael McLaughlin

Co-Founder, Chargerback

Co-Founder, Ramac Industries & GarageIQ Software.

Co-founded Ramac Industries in 1987, an importer and distributor of aftermarket parts for BMW, Mini, Volvo and Saab automobiles. He also served as the President and COO until the sale of the company in 2021.

Co-founded GarageIQ in 1998, a software solutions company that was in the auto repair scheduling and appointment management servicing business until it was sold in 2021.

Co-founded in 2010, which was one of the first internet directories of independent auto repair shops.

Areas of expertise include software system design and corporate management.