If you are here about your lost item

Here are the most frequently asked questions:
  1. To report your lost item, just click here.
  2. Credit Card Questions:
    • If there is a charge on your statement from Chargerback Lost and Found - the venue that returned your item will be listed as the next item. The venue used Chargerback to collect the return shipping charges.
    • If you are having difficultly paying please make sure the billing address matches the address for your credit card.
    • For international payment support please phone (775) 354-9514
  3. Have not received your item?
    • Click on the tracking number that was emailed by the venue.
    • Contact the venue directy, click on the venue's logo at the top of the email you received
    • Make sure you have your lost property ID handy.

We're here to help you succeed

You're set up for success with an easy to use service, tutorials, and videos
We've worked hard to make Chargerback intuitive and easy to use. In addition, we've prepared some step-by-step tutorials and video overviews to help you get up to speed quickly.

Chargerback provides several levels of free support:
  1. New users begin with the on-line quick start guide.
  2. Experienced users can explore deeper with the on-line advanced user guide.
  3. On-line webinar training is also available.
  4. After you sign up, you can view the Training videos.
Getting Support is easy:
  1. Contact us with your support questions any time.
  2. If you prefer the personal touch, please call us toll free at (800) 515-4860.

Whether you are Looking for Something Lost™ or Looking for Something Found™ Chargerback is your "go to" solution.

The Chargerback® Lost and Found Solution is protected by one or more patents, including U.S. Patent No. 9,367,527